Thursday, 22 April 2010

Me2Everyone for our Earth

Happy Earth Day !!!

We must make Earth Day 2010 a turning point in the environmental movement! Think about our Kids and their future… Our future is now in this poem:

Clean up the earth,
so it could be a sparkling clean place for us all !
Clean up the earth,
so we can see the gorgeous blue and green on our planet.
The blue and green will shine in our eyes if we clean it up.
So clean it up,
so that we don't see any garbage ~
any time or any day.
Clean it up
and live in a world of happiness.
The world we live in can be cleaned up and we can be happy!


  1. What a lovely relevant poem Robi

  2. Robi,
    Your M2E Tree artwork at page-top is superb! Did you create it, or find is elsewhere?


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