Monday, 19 April 2010

TreeHa! Trees....for M2E

TreeHa! Trees

We are incredibly excited to announce that the wonderful M2E TreeHa! project is now getting ready for future launch with a wonderful brochure. Brochure will be online real soon.

TreeHa! Making Money for M2E, You and the Environment.

We decided to create TreeHa! as a profit-venture and we’re really proud to be associated with Grace & Dave Deppner and their Trees for the Future organization. They know about trees, having planted 65m of them since 1989. Their team has the management experience and substantial knowledge. Plus they have 300,000 farmers across some of the poorest nations on Earth looking after these woodlands and living off their produce.

Across the next five years we want to create the resources to plant at least one billion trees directly from the TreeHa! membership.

TreeHa! Memberships

During pre-launch we’re developing the new TreeHa! website and all the support material from brochures to order forms, tree certificates, gift certificates, real-time calculators and reporting mechanisms. We’re also launching our TreeHa! Partner Programme this weekend which enables you to make an incredible difference to M2E and the TreeHa! project (plus it has the potential to make you plenty of money).

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