Monday, 10 May 2010

TreeHa Project Sign In

TreeHa !

Everyone knows that trees are good for the planet and our experience is that
people from across the world want to help. So we’ve created TreeHa
memberships so that everyone in the world can become involved. You see,
TreeHa membership starts from just GBP 1.95 (about three US dollars).

Me2everyone members are able to sell TreeHa membership packs and earn very
good commissions in addition to creating a really good, positive impact for the
environment. They are great for fundraisers, wonderful as presents, a way for
companies to give incentives to their customers and did we mention that there
are wonderful benefits for our TreeHa partners?

There are 7 different membership packages: designed for every budget, and the
higher you reach the more the environment and you benefit.

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