Tuesday, 24 August 2010

M2E Evolution.Elements

M2E Evolution.Elements

is aimed at everyone who feels passionate about making positive changes within me2everyone. Presented by Complete Earth, this is a chance to invest into M2E and also create an income stream from your involvement.
Since June 2010 members have been wowed by the 3D visuals from the pilot apartment. Next to come is the development of a virtual 4000 km2 island rendered in near photo-quality, where you meet friends, share experiences, stream music and video, open or expand a business, visit the mall and create a real world income.
Evolution.Elements has arrived to ensure all these features are completed. It breaks the development into 12 manageable projects with a target completion date of March 2011. Project 01 (The Core) aims to raise $320,000 and will result in the launch of the 3D island, an improved membership recruitment system and the all-important business membership and advertising package. Much of this will begin to emerge over the coming 90 days.

In Evolution.Elements you become a consultant on the project and provide feedback on the features as they develop. Your ideas are used to shape the future of me2everyone and, in return, you are given a range of benefits, specific to each project you become involved in. Please read the brochure below, which gives you plenty more information.

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